Southwestern-ish Omelette

This is breakfast today yum Southwestern-ish Omelette… (my first recipe, I shall get better at these.)

♦ 3 eggs 11217565_10205828781852608_3109808560914454317_n
♦ 2 slices of bacon
♦ 1 slice of deli meat turkey
♦ 2 slices of jalapeno jack cheese
♦ 1/4 red pepper (or whatever color you like)
♦ splash of milk
♦ strawberries
♦ blueberries (or any sweet berries)
♦ something to grease the pans. (pam/olive oil/butter)

Dice a 1/4 of a red pepper, and turkey. In a bowl whisk 3 eggs, a splash of milk, and some salt and pepper until mixed thoroughly.

While whisking, in a greased medium sauce pan, cook 3 slices of bacon until nearly done. Turn off heat and toss in deli turkey and let it cook in the hot bacon grease.

In a separate greased medium sauce pan cook whisked eggs on medium heat. While eggs are still runny (after a minute or two of cooking) toss in peppers, turkey, and bacon in bits, evenly distributed over eggs. Cook until cooked enough that you can get a spatula under it (without tearing it to bits and turning the whole thing into a scromlette) Flip the entire thing and cook for about 2 mins. Flip it back over, and add jalapeno jack cheese slices to half of it and fold the omelette in half. Turn heat to high and cook for about a minute a side or until it reaches the color you like.

Put it on a plate and add berries to the other half. You will need them to counteract the heat from the cheese. This is a yummy and quick breakfast, maybe 15 minutes total, that fills you up.

***HINT: Save the bacon grease for a delicious bacon flavored steak… Coming soon.

Next up: Tomato based slow cooked beef stew… (cooking, the best part of winter.)