Dead Souls

This is a song I wrote after Robin Williams killed himself. It to me is a look at suicide in a view from which almost no one ever looks at it. Having suicidal thoughts most of my life, and battling through them has really made me wonder why they are there, and what they are. I have known many people who have committed suicide, and many times it seems to be the people you would least expect to end their own life. I wonder sometimes, if those of us who feel like that spend our lives fighting something that we are meant for. I know it sounds horribly bleak, but why then can you seemingly be a happy person with a good family, and everything you need in life, and still end up hanging from a rope, or putting death into your veins. This is what this song is asking… (No need for the comments about “is everything ok?” or “Can I do anything?” This is about wondering. The song was written quite a while ago. I am still here until my time comes.) Recorded with a desktop microphone so be nice lol. ❤

When it feels like everything is meant to be.

Noose in your hand, they don’t understand.

Knife at your vein, or standing in front of a train.

Dark clouds they follow us, as if they’re screaming at us.

Give in? Give up? Will it ever be enough?

It stays, this pit.

It burns, the pain of all of it.

What’s brave? What’s right?

Just live to die another night?

Dead souls, we fight.

Broke hearts, surrounded by lonely nights.

No choice? Predisposed?

Questions with answers that no one knows.

It seems to be the fight.

We feel like we’re all just supposed to die.

It stays, this pit.

It burns, the pain of all of it.

What’s brave? What’s right?

Just finish it now, or die another night?

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