Child of Mine

Amber has been the color of the energy the last few days for me. It was awesome that this poem was posted in a group I belong to on Facebook, by a woman named Amber Dawn, and caught my eye. I read this and loved the healing and inspiration in the words. I asked if I could post it here to share with you all, and she agreed. Therefore, welcome to my first guest author. Thank you Amber.

Child of Mine

Oh how long do you hide
This child I keep inside
The pain you must have felt
I too, remember you well

Many things you could not bare
I knew I’d find you there
Come here now, come with me
I take this little hand…oh, so tiny

Let’s meet near the brook
Perhaps, next to a creek
River or waterfall
It’s time for you to meet…me
I heard you call

No matter what in your mind, erased
My love so any case
Come to me now,
Look into my own face

I lift you to this heart of mine
go ahead and cry…here…is safe
Time is now…no more to wait
I’m with you now and every time

I lift you to my heart to hold
I hold you close, there be no fear
You protected me then
It’s my turn now
I was always here

I’ll embrace you forever
till no more tears need dry
You’ll be brand new
You begin to fly so high

I’m here to take you away
No fear may be to hurt you
I’ll protect your heart in mine
I love you so much
I was here all the time

Author: Amber Dawn