The Energy of Souls

IMG_20160326_122453774_HDRI Could Fall In Love With You. God knows I wanted to, but what good would that do? I’ve learned these lessons through and through.

Your world is so different than mine. I have just barely come to find, this world in my head that I create with my mind.

You’re all put together, so seemingly attached to your tethers. I’ve tried uncountable times to show others their feathers.

It only leads to nowhere, it gives no hope, just despair. Simply more broken hearts to repair.

So I’ll continue walking this path all alone, rather than break another heart, or my own. This is why I’m sure, how I’ve grown.

I wrapped you in my arms just one time. I could feel the rhythm of your heart entwine mine. The energy you feel when you find. Two longing souls that become aligned.



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