Resignation Letter

“I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.”
Albert Einstein

So this happened today. Hope this is some nice break time fodder for you. Going to miss all you FKer’s but I just couldn’t live with it anymore. I know everyone thinks I’m carazay, but I just knew it was time. I wish I could explain it better than that, but I can’t without you all thinking I should be committed. I have met some of the most amazing people in my time there, had 2 of the best partners in Don and Tammy that I ever could have asked for, and a couple of the best bosses in Kyle and Frank in my 26 years of working. The smoke shack crew, without whom, I would have been gone long ago, Stephy, Frankie, and Meliss especially, even all the new smokers were always the best people! Smoking paid off big time in all of the crazy, deep conversations, and hilarity that took place out there, that I will miss most of all! All you 3rd shifters were always the best workers, and I will miss every single one of you! I am grateful everyday that I met you all, and that you were a part of my every night for so long. It’s sad that I couldn’t have found a way to stay, but if I’ve learned anything on this planet in my 43 years, it is listen to that voice of intuition, it is never wrong. This is beginning to sound like an award acceptance speech… I’m sure at some point 4 am will be boring enough to me to come visit before I head off to greener pastures and warmer weather. Beside I owe everyone that donated winners to the free dozen doughnut fund! No one has still answered why 3 large coffees cost $6.04!?!? The rich getting richer. LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!


Dawn V and I caught this fly in TS and named him vito. Rob Lawson was miffed at how I got him in the cup. Hilarity...

Dawn V and I caught this fly in TS and named him vito. Rob Lawson was miffed at how I got him in the cup. Hilarity…



Attention to detail. The Kabi way...

Attention to detail. The Kabi way…




Still trying to figure this one out. Probably the same guy that figured $2.01+$2.01+$2.01= $$6.04

And last, but furthest from least….


THIS. is how a billion dollar corporation fixes a ceiling tile. God bless you guys. good freakin’ luck lol.


To Whom It May Concern:                                                                                                    03-14-16

I can no longer hold my breath on this. Everyday when I walk into this hostile environment at Fresenius-Kabi, I feel victimized and bullied. Every single day, bar none, I am forced to lie and falsify for a company that cares nothing for anything or anyone, but for the amount of dollars that they can make. There isn’t a single job in this company that any single person, with any kind of a set of ethics, can do with integrity. It is utterly impossible to work under rules that change daily, from product to product, and with paperwork that can be interpreted differently in any given situation. I believe this ambiguity is purposeful. I believe this is so that excuses can be fabricated more easily should questions arise, in order to mislead the FDA and the public.

Everyday I sign my name upwards of 100 times to things that are impossible to accomplish in the time frame given to accomplish them. A fifth grader could do the math and figure out that they are lies, yet the FDA somehow never catches on. The company had a “Banner” year in 2015, and yet we hired an outside company to come in to evaluate our efficiency in order to make more money. Instead we should be hiring an ethics committee to evaluate the people who run the company and risk the lives of millions of people everyday. These lives are not only the public, random sick people in hospitals, these are people in our families, mine, yours, and theirs. I will no longer take part in lying, and put the lives of my loved ones at risk, for a company who on my first day told me to “put a face on every vial”. Especially when the only faces, the powers that be see on those vials are, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Ben Franklin.

In December 2015, I went to Human Resources and complained about the things that I saw. I talked for an hour, in the end told her that I had to end it somewhere, or it would be an endless conversation because of the amount of things that I could bring into question. Soon after this, I was afforded a meeting with the head of quality and compliance with whom I also talked to for upwards of an hour. The end result of these meetings was that an audit was performed, and everything I had brought up “was found to be true”. Without being informed prior, “As a small thank you”, I was given a $300 “out of cycle bonus” for “standing up for quality with hopes that it encourages others to do the same.” These are words straight from the memo that I received, which I was told was supposed to be given to me with the bonus. Yet the memo I received was dated more than a week after I received the bonus. Coincidentally it was dated December 30th, 2016, the same day I went to HR and complained that the bonus felt like hush money. When I brought that memo home the day I received it, I started to read it, I never got any further than the date because I was so disgusted. Today is the first time I ever picked it back up to read it. It is over 3 months later, very little has changed, and not a single thing that will ever change the culture of lying that I was so adamant about in my meetings.

Therefore I am left little choice, but to walk out the door and be true to my beliefs in truth and honesty being more important than money. I am standing up for quality and integrity, and the customers of this company one more time. I am walking away from a decent living in order to not be victimized and bullied by whomever it is within this company that has decided that making money is more important than saving lives. I truly believe that Fresenius-Kabi, has a lack of work for me because I am unable to do my job without being forced and bullied to break the law in the name of production.



Chris Gugliuzza

“A man who denies his heart, either through fear of personal consequence—whether regarding physical jeopardy, or self-doubt, or simply of being ostracized—is not free. To go against your values and tenets, against that which you know is right and true, creates a prison stronger than adamantine bars and thick stone walls. Every instance of putting expediency above the cries of conscience throws another heavy chain out behind, an anchor to drag forevermore.”
 R.A. Salvatore (The Last Threshold (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter, #4; Legend of Drizzt, #23))

 and one for the road…


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