Dear 2016:

f3865f29864591518d569635c978a842     I am going to be very specific with you. I may have left some things out to your predecessor, and we did not get along very well. I would love for your months to be filled with abundance for myself and everyone on earth. This time I would like that abundance to include happiness, health, creativity, love, honesty, wealth, peace, kindness, and enough food to eat. If the abundance need include tears, I would ask that they be the kind you cry when you see something beautiful, or witness amazing creativity, happy tears if I may. I also kindly request you send the teachers, friends, and family that most lead me in the right direction in life, and to keep the vituperative people at an arms length so that I may continue on my path with as few obstacles as possible.

2015 taught me many hard lessons, mostly in love. If it behooves you, I ask if you should deem me 7383_1179440215418014_8332094794408938067_ndeserving, and send Cupid’s arrow hurtling toward me during your days, weeks, and months, to please have it soaked in honesty and trust. That will light my fire quicker than gasoline ever will. I will always choose to be hurt by the truth rather than to ever suffer another lie in my life. Whoever it may be, I also ask that she be  independent, a chance taker, someone who has healed from things, and is not afraid of fear. For fear and pain when used correctly are the things that make us grow. I will need for her to be an animal lover, the type of person who will stop and help an injured animal on the side of the road. I wish for her to be creative, and to not be afraid to collaborate with me, or without me. I hope for someone who loves to read, and be read to. A woman who will read things to me that she has written, or read, and found profound enough to share with me.  If she has read this article about Conscious Relationships, and truly gets it, then she may very well be the girl for me. I wish for her intoxicants to be meditation, exercise, and nature rather than alcohol and drugs, prescribed or otherwise. She will understand then, that healing comes from within, and not from any bottle. Most of all I am going to need someone who is not tied to this place, or that place, or this electronic device, or that electronic device. I wish for us to see the world, with our eyes, and to lose our breath at her beauty. I would ask that she be beautiful, but isn’t that what this paragraph is all about already?

ee9105f27629e6d01817e337431d42b5     I politely request that my path lead me away from my current employer. It is a source of negativity in my life that I need removed. I am thankful that it has been a part of my life because I have learned many things from it, it has sustained me, and allowed me to change my life in the process. It however has run its course in my life. I ask that my leaving be beneficial to everyone involved, and that the change allow me to do something that I love for the rest of my time on this grand blue ball, and for it to bring me financial abundance. I have struggled in that sense for far too long. We are but a speck of dust in this universe we all should be doing the things we love for the time we are here.

I love to help people, I am here to do that without a doubt. I ask that the way that I can do that while keeping my spiritual beliefs held tight, be made63961_474425312625273_1794902322_n clear to me. I love the sun, nature, and warmth, I hope for more of that in my life while being able to keep my family, that I love dearly, close enough to me that I can drive and be with them when they need me, or I need them.

One thing 2015 did afford me was time to create. I ask that that continue, and that my creations not only make me happy, but all who see, read, feel, or hear them. One of the things I love most on this planet is when someone is touched by my words, or something that I made for them. I hope to return to some projects in my life that are unfinished, especially the music I have long hoped to record. I have albums worth of things I would like to have as a collection that I can click and listen to.

What do you wish for in your New Year? I would love to hear your wishes and hope for them for you too!

Peace, Love , and Light ~ p4th3tic


One thought on “Dear 2016:

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