This Illusion Of Me is All That You See

Always reading words that aren’t even there,4616732eb9b4702ee0726ec8fce81c65

Berating the things that I would never say,

Peering at me through a looking glass,

When I offered to walk with your hand tightly clasped.

Staring from far, and judging for what?

Pushed from the boat to swim by myself,

Swimming away while looking back,

Every time I look, you’re looking back.

If that’s what helps you to be okay,

Do what you will, or just look away.

My aims are my goals, my path has been told,

I don’t look, I just walk. I don’t fear or dwell.

Looking back, it just helps me to tell.

I let it out, what’s inside of me.

These words are for me, and those like me.

I wish that was you, you’ve made it clear that it’s not,

I accept that it’s not.

It’s perfect to be you, and the things that you do.

Change is never what I wanted of you.

The way that you see me I offer you that it’s amiss,

I heard your heart and offered you this.

I have not changed how I feel, I feel it for me, for them, and for you.

Today is the same as yesterday too.

What I do is who I am, accept it or not.

I have been this man for a while, I will be him as I go,

I learn everyday from him and from you,

This inspiration grows everyday,

With every little sign along the way.

My mind is awake, never to go back to sleep,

My path is twisting, my view is changing, there are many like me.

Peace is my goal, I’d be happy with just that in my soul.

My anger is gone, my hate fell away,

With worry, regret, and envy, and guilt.

There is much more to me that I have yet to quilt.

I am seeing the light, where the dark used to be.

Practicing this is all I can do.

You’re welcome to watch or help as I heal,

It will go on forever this change that I feel.

If you’d like, you can look away,

These words are for me and that’s what they say.



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