Find Another Way

So I should watch you wither?
Like the flowers in the fall?
Stand by and watch you cower?
Let the fear and anger sprawl?
And it's okay for me to see?
Someone that means so much to me.
Suck her life out slowly,
Believing the liars and the thieves?
I should shut my mouth, and close my eyes,
Agree like all the rest.
Walk away, and ignore the cries,
Believe, though I detest.
I could be just like them, watch you hurt,
And label it a cross.
I could just give up on you, Like they do too,
Show you my pathos.
Would you rather I sit on my hands, 
show you no care, and agree with what they say?
Or fight for you, to understand, 
there's so much better a way?
I've lain with you, and held your head, 
And lost another day.
I wished to sit with you, to face your dread, 
And watch it fall away.
We could watch it wither like a flower in the fall.
Watch it cower while the hope and healing sprawl.
I long to see, someone so dear to me, 
Find another way.




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