Such a beautiful soul, clouded by such an angry heart. 
Hardened by fear, guarded, broken, torn apart. 
Impenetrable beliefs. Unforgivable past. 
Wounds that run deep, surrounded by a moat so vast. 

I don't blame you. 
I know that it's scary to trust. 
No one can help, hopes and dreams, long ago, turned to dust. 
Getting by. day to day, doctor to doctor, is the only must. 

Pill after pill to shield the pain. 
To beat back the memories of sacrifices in vain. 
They rouse you from bed, it's true. 
12191487_889363751112019_7204955570612952445_nYet keeping you, from us and you.
Erecting the walls with every step we climb.
Holding you back, melting the time.
Keeping us out, steering the wheel.
Fading the fear, but not letting it heal.
When will enough be enough?
When will you see that you are fiercely more tough?
Than to be led by your fear, or defined by your past.
The moment you do, the healing comes fast.
I know that it feels an insurmountable peak.
Yet within you, is the power you seek.
No hurt and no fear can overtake your mind.
In your breath, this you will find.



3 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Joyful2bee says:

    These words brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful.


  2. […] Source: Breathe […]


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