Ab0ut p4th3tic


I am a 46 year old Irish/Italian from South Buffalo, New York. I treat everything in life as art. For the past seven years I have been on a spiritual journey intended upon finding my calling on this grand blue ball. During these four years I have overcome a lifetime of addiction through meditation and yoga.

I recently quit my job in big pharma in order to move on to the next phase of my life; something I enjoy. I decided being

faithful to myself and my beliefs were more important than being dishonest everyday so that the rich could get richer. I am in the process of moving to North Carolina for the next 11 months to obtain my yoga teacher training certificate with Vinyassa Arts LKN, and hopefully open the world to me. I love Buffalo, but not the winters. I hope to move around quite a bit for the rest of my time in this world. There is so much to do and see, and I have waited long enough.
P4th3tic Lazy Eye

I am an artist through and through. I create always. I am a lover of of love, words, music, and art in any form. I love woodworking, gardening, taking pictures, and anything to do with nature. I am single, I currently have two dogs, one of them a foster, both are pitbulls, and they are by far my best friends.

I post here about many different topics; art, life lessons, love, addiction, cooking, photography, adventures, etc. I hope you enjoy reading here. Your comments, likes, and shares are truly appreciated and inspiring to me!


Chris Gugliuzza – Yoga Teacher in Mooresville


Signs,signs, everywhere a sign.


2 thoughts on “Ab0ut p4th3tic

  1. Heather McCarthy says:

    I must say, pretty genuine, full of truth and inspiring!


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